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Klartraum - Mass Void [LF150]

by Klartraum, Patrick Chardronnet

Grinsekatze 06:27
Mass Effect 09:12
Atlantis 07:46

There are benefits to owning your own label. Besides being able to sign friends and newcomers alike, while heading up Lucidlow, Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch have also been able to exert creative control over their Klartraum project to their own exacting specifications. Their last studio album 'Enneagram' was a conceptual piece that spanned four releases over the course of the year. Now their fourth album 'Void Universes', themed around a similar release, comes to an end. The 'Void Universes' album is inspired by the teachings of Stephen Wolinsky, with each a quartet of releases themed to each one of the aforementioned universes.
With 'Energy Void, 'Space Void' and 'Time Void' spread out over the course of 2017, we now complete the circle with 'Mass Void'. The album kicks off with 'Grinsekatze', which is initially a dark track hearkening back to the glory turn of the millennium days of minimal. The bassline crawls around like a spider scampering across the floor with a little "life" vocal snippet adding in a bit of flavour. The big breakdown brings in a melody not even hinted at in your journey to date. This proves to be a catalyst, like a sunrise cracking across a pre-dawn sky.
Following this is 'Mass Effect', a much more subtle track. The elements are muted, like they are being played in a forest that has seen heavy snow fall. This adds a sense of reverence to proceedings. The sparkling high end is offset against thoughtful breaks, taking you from introversion to momentum.
Finally, 'Atlantis' matches up to the aquatic imagery of its namesake. The melodies are water dappled, moving like ripples caused by throwing a stone into water. It has all the grace of a babbling brook, easily the lightest moment on the release.
As a special tangent, Connaisseur Recordings, Bedrock and Poker Flat man Patrick Chardronnet is brought in to tackle 'Grinsekatze', doing so in appropriately main room style by focussing on the melodic side of the original. It becomes a progressive and driving alternative take that will no doubt appeal to DJs who love to take tracks on long flowing blends in their mixes.
Coming out on 5th March 2018 on Beatport, check back on the already released 'Energy Void'. 'Space Voice' and 'Time Void' editions.

Other Feedback
Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ, Eclipse, ): "Excellent Klartraum : Grinsekatze (Patrick Chardronnet Remix) . Downloading for Dr. Motte, thanks." (will play)

Martin Eyerer (): "Patricks Remix is dope!!" (will chart) (will play)

Mauro Picotto (Alchemy): "Thanks for the tunes" (will play)

Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Lucidflow, Bandcamp, others): "Chardronnet remix is BIG! Gets better every time I listen to it. Thank you so much Patrick!" (will chart) (will play)

Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): "Massive Release as ever From Klartraum Top Vibes Guys. Mark Mac" (will chart) (will play)

Maceo Plex: "Downloaded for Ellum DJs Maceo Plex / Shall Ocin, thanks for the music!" (will play)

D. Diggler (too many, i forgot!): "nice tracks from patrick again !! mass effect is my fav! thx"

Dr. Walker (Liquid Sky Berlin / Lucidflow / Ninja Jamm - Ninja Tune / Force Inc / Harvest Records): "xox" (will play)

Spettro (Pioneer DJ Radio, ELEVATE, Get Physical): "Dubtastic, amazing music! - really into Mass Effect and Atlantis. " (will play)

Blackprint (): "Outstanding productions" (will play)

Richie Hawtin (): "downloaded for r hawtin"

Tsugi (Tsugi): "chardronnet remix for me" (will chart)

Patrick Chardronnet (): "Hammer Remix von mir :-)" (will play)

Christian Moster (DRadio): "..." (will play)

Al Bradley (): "In a sea of generic 'tech house' nonsense that I get sent in the hundreds on a weekly basis, it's SO good to hear something which offers an alternative - both to the 'tech house' itself, but also alternatives within the same EP. All four tracks here are excellent, but the final two - Mass Effect and Atlantis (my favourite here) are totally stunning. A joy to check out!" (will play)

Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance (n/a): "Good stuff as ever from Klartraum!" (will play)

Deepling (ReadyMixRecords, EmptyWhiskeyFlaskRecords, Electronical Reeds): "wooohoooo – very nice tracks.... Atlantis has this spherical thing... special!" (will play)

Tara Brooks (): "lovely release! Atlantis my fav thank u!" (will play)

G.error (LBMSK): "wohoo, what for a refreshing influence to my techno addiction :), i love them all, good work and thank you" (will play)

Jamie Stevens (): "Awesome work. Patrick's remix is pretty epic! Loving this whole EP." (will play)

ABarth (phonanza fm): "Very nice. I like "Mass Effect" and "Atlantis" a lot. Very clear production!" (will play)

Javier Benitez ( From The Other Side ): "Chardronnet remix rules here " (will chart) (will play)

Arian 911 (Innervisions, Cocoon, finca am): "Great release, thanks!" (will play)

Richie Collins (): "Mass effect, yes, love it" (will play)

The Duchess (): "Solid release! Gonna def play! " (will play)

Patrick Zigon (Biotop): "great ep!"

Grüter & Bürgin CH Beats (SRF3) (): "like grinsekatze and remix. will play. " (will play)

Jack Jenson (): "fett der chardonnet remix :)" (will play)

Moog Conspiracy (): "really like this ep, will play with my side project Moose The Loose, thx for the promo" (will play)

Teknobrat (Karma Loft, Karma Dance, Restructured Records, Sounds Of Juan, Kulture Room): "Will play, support & test Thanks Teknobrat " (will play)

A-Kintero (intimate Project Music - ebb+flow - NYC ): "its of great pleasure to see the Void project completed, Klartraum is def stepping up, thanks for this one.!!" (will play)

Vladimir ( "Downloaded, tnx." (will play)

DJ Kaine (): "Great EP, originals and remix! Thanks" (will chart) (will play)

DJ MARY FLAVORS (Radioradio Canada): "track 3, good drivin beats here!" (will play)

Frankie Deep (): "Will play for sure, great Ep!!!Thanks" (will play)

Scientific Funk (Wiggle, Cubism, Dark Rhythms): "Naughty naughty" (will play)

Felix Forsten (different): "Grinsekatze (Patrick Chardronnet Remix) is favorit" (will play)

Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): "Perfect like always. Atlantis and Mass Effect. " (will chart) (will play)

Estroe (Rosedale Records): "Mass Effect sounds really nice, will play!" (will play)

Matteo (): "Thanx a lot for this open space music Its exactly mi style" (will chart) (will play)

Calin (Tunnel FM): "Another top release, Absolutely support.. Thanks !" (will chart) (will play)

Radio show Soundtraffic - DJ RIM-K (): "Nice ep è"

Mastercris (): "Mass Effect for me! love it!" (will chart) (will play)

Ivan Garci (Lucidflow,Vlosfer records(manager)): "nice tracks,Mass effect is my fav, here.thanks a lot." (will play)

Lee Guthrie ((Click Therapy/Wiggle/Cubism/SDA)): "feeling the originals, Grinsekatze my pick. thanks :) "

Tim Benjamin (protonradio): "thanks for sharing" (will play)

johnny mack (): "Always my pleasure to support quality music and with Klartraum & Lucidflow that's exactly what you have. Always impressive releases and this one continues to hit the mark. Cheers!" (will chart) (will play)

Supagroove (aka Mark J) (Ahoren Music): "all of these are ace! will try thanks" (will play)

Pele Corral (desperadoz): "again a production that i like very much" (will play)

Jean (Radio DHS): "Mass Effect and the great remix from Patrick for me! Thanks guys!" (will play)

Nino (): "playlist in altroverso" (will chart) (will play)

Eddy Romero (Expmental/ Little Helpers / Lucidflow / Deeperfect): "Love all the originals specially Atlantis" (will chart) (will play)

Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon): "Nice release ! Great Remix work!" (will play)

Jay Hill (Superfreq, Unknown Season, King Street Sounds): "elegant release! loving the dimensions in all of these. Atlantis i'll use in my downtempo dub tech podcast series! nice work guys!" (will chart) (will play)

Stefan Addo (e11even Presents): "Patrick Chardronnet Remix and Mass Effect are my fav. Mass Effect is really gorgeous. Can't wait for playing it. Good Luck!" (will chart) (will play)

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): "excellent !" (will chart) (will play)

Gez Varley / G-Man (gmr records ,ostgut records): "cool tracks " (will play)

Terje Saether (Darkroom Dubs, Lucidflow, Hope Records, ConnaisseurParquet, Savoir Records): "Damn F*** nice, as always! Nice grooves to warm up the winter!" (will play)

dubiks (): "I will chart" (will chart) (will play)

Rovinskyro (): "Nice track , i'll play it for sure!"

Dmitry Stelmakhov (): "Nice stuff! "Atlantis" my favorite)" (will play)

Francesco Tarallo (Lucidflow, Trapez, Trapez Ltd., Airmusiq): "Awesome release guys - very deep stuff, I like!" (will play)

Jay Nortown (): "Nice tracks ! Congrast guys . Thanks ." (will play)

DJ Franksen (plastic city, treibjagd records, sinnmusik, embi music ): "atlantis will se emy airplay, nice deamnding yet flirtatiously spherical ep"

Paul Moore (GER) (Lucidflow, Malicious Smile, Unscene Records): "Mass Effect is my favorite original mix here, what a tune! Really good job guys <3 I'm also hooked on the Remix, nicely done. Cheers"

Rebecca (xlr8r): "Will try! Thanks for the music."

Omsk Information (): "Oooohhhh.... Atlantis is the one for me. Super tasty, love the vibe! :-)" (will play)

Anton Tumas (Subtract Music / Balance Series): "Mass Effect is the one here, thank you!" (will play)

Stefan Weise (Wolf Trap, Lucidflow): "Mass Effect is nice. Thank you!" (will play)

Sheldon Drake (): "Mass Effect is a nice low-key opener, hints at menace to come..." (will play)

Miguel Garij (Ibiza Global Radio): "Atlantis is the 1 for me here. Gracias" (will play)

M-Voice (Sofa Sessions): "Nice" (will chart) (will play)

Laurent Diouf (Wreck This Mess): "another wtm's playlist is coming soon…;)" (will play)

Mary Jane (CURATEURdelMUSIQUE): "great :)" (will chart)

Joanish (): "ich liebe sie alle!!!" (will play)


released April 2, 2018


all rights reserved



Klartraum Berlin, Germany

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